Traveller Denim

Hey folks, check out Traveller Denim. A fine new Austin company helmed by Selenia Rios and Erik Untersee producing high quality, handmade, bespoke jeans.

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Traveller charmed us into printing discharge ink for their black shirts (shirt design by Land), which we don’t often do for clients. After a few conversations, we realized that the variable nature of the resulting prints would be something that they valued (discharge prints can vary throughout the run). Also, the earthy, natural-cotton-color, and the finish of the print (you can’t feel it, at. all.), are right up their alley. Click through to see the process, as well as a few more shots of the shop rags we printed for them.

Discharge ink basically bleaches the fabric of the shirt – goes on clear, and then the magic happens as it cures. For the rags, we used water-based ink that soaks into the coarse weave of the fabric in a really nice way.
[slider id=’2968′ name=’Traveller Denim’] That’s all folks, it’s Friday, and I’m on vacation. OUT.

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