The Big Blind Ramble

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Woot, woot

Today we’re a stop on Deus Ex Machina Big Blind Ramble Poker Run.

2pm sign up and start at Allen Boots on S. Congress, collect cards at each stop(here at Bearded Lady, Traveller Denim’s retail store, Public School, HELM, and Land), best poker hand to make it to the final destination (Traveller Denim’s production warehouse and Revival) wins a badass Deus bicycle.

Bearded Lady will be open from 2-4, stop by regardless of the ride if you’re on the East side and wanna drink a beer and buy some cool shit.

Deus Ex Machina, Bearded Lady, SXSW, Big Blind Ramble

Eye-Burning Psychedelia: Mishka Westell

Bearded Lady has had the pleasure to work with designer/illustrator Mishka Westell quite a bit recently. She reliably produces vibrant, organic, hand-drawn poster designs that are always a pleasure to print. This nutty graphic is courtesy of her seventeen-year-old self, a drawing from high school that she worked back into for this design for The Sonics. Three color screen print on manila tag.

Sonics, Mishka Westell, Screen Print, Bearded Lady, Bearded Lady Screen Prints, Screen Print Austin TX, Flatstock

Mishka will have a booth this year at the Flatstock Poster Show March 13-15. You might have caught her poster design for Spiritualized gracing the cover of the Gig Posters’ 2014 calendar cover. She’s also responsible for a really solid series of Roky Erickson prints. This one we printed in two color-ways – a vibrating combo of bright red and highly saturated blue that’s practically a signature of hers, and the other a subtle, subdued pearlescent blue and black.


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Traveller Denim

Hey folks, check out Traveller Denim. A fine new Austin company helmed by Selenia Rios and Erik Untersee producing high quality, handmade, bespoke jeans.

Traveller Denim, Screen Printing Austin TX, Silkscreen Austin Tx, Selenia Rios, Erik Untersee, Work By Land, Workbyland, Caleb Owen Everitt, Ryan Rhodes, Discharge

Traveller charmed us into printing discharge ink for their black shirts (shirt design by Land), which we don’t often do for clients. After a few conversations, we realized that the variable nature of the resulting prints would be something that they valued (discharge prints can vary throughout the run). Also, the earthy, natural-cotton-color, and the finish of the print (you can’t feel it, at. all.), are right up their alley. Click through to see the process, as well as a few more shots of the shop rags we printed for them.

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Cross your eyes, focus, and a third image forms in the middle. Excellent.
Octopus Project, Stereoscopic, Fever Forms, Bearded Lady, Screen Print, T-Shirt, Poster
Octopus Project has just released their new album, “Fever Forms”, and we printed up some treats for their release and tour. They created some rad 3-D paraphernalia (Viemaster!) as part of their Superdeluxe preorder pack. That, in turn, led to this crisp and trippy poster.
Octopus Project, Stereoscopic, Fever Forms, Bearded Lady, Screen Print, T-Shirt, Toto Miranda, Peelander Yellow
We also printed these two shirts, left designed by band members, right designed by Peelander Yellow (who also recently did a bunch of design work for Paul Qui’s new restaurant).
Octopus Project, Stereoscopic, Fever Forms, Bearded Lady, Record, Translucent Vinyl, Toto Miranda
And we didn’t have a lick to do with the printing for this record, but it’s way too pretty not to post. Translucent gold vinyl, matte-finish cover with metallic gold accents. Nice. Just super nice.

Click through to see the video for “Sharpteeth”, their second single from “Fever Forms”, and listings for the rest of their tour.

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Pollo Asado Al Carbon…

…it’s delicious. And available all over Austin at various drive-throughs. It’s one of our favorite fast foods. Of course, you don’t have any idea what kind of frankenchicken is used to make it, so if you’re trying to be a responsible meat eater, not the best option. But now there’s a little joint called Fresa’s on Lamar that serves up classic pollo asado al carbon, using Peeler Farms chicken to do it, so now you can have a chicken and eat your..conscience…too….
Fresas, Pollo Asado Al Carbon, Fresa's Austin, Patches, Hat Press, Arts & Recreation
The design work for Fresa’s was done by crack design group Arts & Recreation, a lot (all?) of it by the super talented Renee Fernandez. Her work on the menu signage and the main little chicken logo is impressive. We recently pressed some hats for them, using the embroidered patches they had made of the logo.
Fresas, Pollo Asado Al Carbon, Fresa's Austin, Patches, Hat Press, Arts & Recreation
It’s a great little patch, and the hats look good. The latest thing Arts & Rec has been doing for Fresa’s was design work for their new ice cream cart, which is apparently in service and can be found on South Congress. Summer. Ice cream. Good.
Fresas, Pollo Asado Al Carbon, Fresa's Austin, Patches, Hat Press, Arts & Recreation

New Home

Hey, we renovated, y’all!

After cruising through the last couple years with pretty much just a splash page and a blogspot, we finally decided to grow up and build an actual website. So! Here you have it. Poke around, check out the work galleries, and swing back often – we’ll be adding buyable items as time goes on, and posting about projects that we’re stoked on. Recent highlights are the art prints we’ve done with Mason McFee and Rich Cali. Please check them out, they’re both talented dudes and we’re very happy with the prints. Plus, they’re both available for sale!

We’re riding on a renewed commitment to producing art prints with the many talented people around us, and plan to release new editions regularly going forward. Sign up for our newsletter to hear first when we release a new print or are going to have an event at the shop.

Many many many massive thanks to Mason McFee for working with us to build this site. You are a champ, sir.

2013 Addy Awards

Between a poster we printed for SXSW 2012 and this video campaign that was shot on location at our shop last fall, Bearded Lady had a little hand in the Addy Awards this year.
Playing host to a film crew was fun and bizarre. A slew of folks from Hack Studios whirled through our shop with intense focus and a crapload of camera equipment. This Metro Rapid poster job and accompanying video served as a swan song for our trusty old Dorn press, Bearded Lady’s main machine for several years. She served us long and well, and performed beautifully for the film crew. Shortly after this was shot, we received our Saturn M&R which we now use for all of our automatic flat printing (we still do quite a bit of printing by hand). The Dorn has since found a new home with a neighboring print shop. Print on, Dorn…
Congrats to Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing on their gold ADDY for the MetroRapid “Screen ATX” campaign, and same to the Ampersand Agency for their work for KUT, which includes this bloody mary piece printed by yours truly.